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Jobhelp777 started this conversation
Help me please. I've recently lost my job, and had to have cervical spinal surgery, and am about 6 weeks post op. My surgeon has told me I can go back to work, as long as I continue my previous job duties, not lifting or over exerting myself. I lost my job 4 days before my surgery, and since about 3 weeks post op, I've been looking for employment. I've finally found something, not making what I was, but it's a job. My new job is about 5 hours away from my current location but in the same state, and my savings have dwindled down to almost nothing. I need help with moving and getting into a modest apartment I've found in the new town. I can verify all of this, and just need some help with deposits, moving expenses, and finding a bed to purchase since I have to sleep on a bed because of my spinal surgery. Can someone PLEASE help me get my life back, and get back on my feet? This is so embarrassing to ask, but I have no one. I'm just asking for help to get back on my feet. PLEASE.
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